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Obagi Blue treatment clinic (Delhi)
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Obagi Blue treatment clinic in Delhi
Obagi Blue treatment clinic  in Delhi
Obagi Blue treatment clinic
Obagi Blue treatment clinic
Obagi Blue treatment clinic
Obagi Blue treatment clinic
Obagi Blue treatment clinic


The Obagi Blue Peel is a modified TCA peeling. This peeling is a very fast and effective way to dramatically improve the appearance and the health of the skin. It effectively removes aged and damaged skin layers and replaces dead skin cells with healthy ones. Such skin improvement can allow the skin’s own clarity and smoothness to emerge.

Effective and safe treatment for skin rejuvenation, for serious hyperpigmentation and acne scars. The Obagi Blue Peel enables the skin therapist to control the peeling precisely and thereby apply the process customised to the specific needs of each client/patient.

Obagi Blue Peel is used in combination with the Obagi Nu-Derm System for the optimum effect of the peeling and for skin that will look healthier and younger for a long time. Just as with the Nu-Derm System, this modified TCA peeling can be used throughout the year, thus also in the summer months.

The Obagi Blue Peel is effective for all skin colours, skin types and skin thicknesses and improves the entire skin condition tremendously, including:

Loose skin and wrinkles
Pigment spots and hyperpigmentation
Enlarged pores
Acne and acne scars
The Obagi Blue Peel TCA peeling can be applied to the face, the neck, the décolletage, the hand, the arms and even the legs.

What can you expect?
An Obagi Blue Peel treatment takes about an hour and in itself does not require anaesthesia. The Obagi Blue Peel is applied to your face and, if so desired, to your neck. You may feel some slight irritation for a period that normally lasts just a few minutes.

Post treatment
Post treatment your skin can retain a blue glow (due to the blue dye in the peeling), which normally disappears within 12 to 24 hours. Depending on the intensity and depth of the treatment, you may experience some slight swelling. Your skin will begin to peel within two to three days. This will last for some days. Your skin should be healed by the seventh to tenth day. The ‘downtime’ depends on the depth of your Obagi Blue Peel.

Once your skin is completely repaired and finished peeling, you will see a visible improvement in your skin structure. In the next four to six weeks your skin will continue to improve and will startlooking even firmer, purer, softer, healthier and younger. After your Obagi Blue Peel and after your skin has recovered entirely, follow your protocol with the Nu-Derm System the way you started.

The skin therapists at Derma2care will evaluate the recovery process with you during check-up appointments.



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