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Inspirational Story of The Ravana (Mohali)

Posted few weeks ago

Inspirational Story of The Ravana in Mohali listed under Education - Text Books / Materials
a few days ago I heard a small story, which i m sharing with you. I learnt a strong lesson from




When Lord Shree Ram and his soldiers started building a floating bridge of stones on Hind Maha

Sagar (Indian Ocean), by just writing "Shree Ram" on each stone, soldiers at "Lanka" gets upset

and a rumor occurred that "Shree Ram is a real GOD, b'cos our emperor 'Ravan' can't do this".

Then Ravan came and said he can also float stones on water with his name, he wrote "Ravan" on a

stone and float it in the see. Amazingly the stone was floating, his soldiers were happy and

got motivated that their emperor is also a real GOD.

Later in the evening, when Ravan was in his room, his wife Mandodri came and said "I know you

can do anything, but you can't float stone on water, what's the secret behind it". The Ravan

replied - Yes Mandodri, its true, I can't float stone on water, but when I saw that my

soldier's are de-motivated and they will be defeated before war. I was in deep thought on "how

to bring back their energy and motivation", I prepared my mind, went to seashore, took a stone,

wrote "Ravan", and said "you Swear on Shree Ram, do not drown"... and the stone was floating.


Wishing you all a Healthy & Successfully Life on the auspicious occasion of Shee Ram Naumi...

Be Positive, Be Happy...
Jai Shree Ram...



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