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ebook reader, reader for android, free ebooks download for iOS (Pune)

Posted few weeks ago

ebook reader, reader for android, free ebooks download for iOS
The ‘Must-Read’ List Of The Month
Ebooks have managed to revolutionise the world of readers as well as literature. The practise of E-reading has made literature easily available. At Bookhungama we have always encouraged reading. We at Book-Hungama provide our readers with one of the best eBook reader app. This ebook reading app also provides some free ebook download for android and also provides free eBook download for iOS.
There are many eBooks that are available on BookHungama here are some of our picks for you…
1. Jhagmagtya Duniyet By Sudhir Gadgil
The world of theatre and movies is considered to be one of the most alluring worlds. Sometimes what you see on screen is way different than reality and sometimes the reel and the real world seem to be similar. The writer Sudhir Gadgil is basically a journalist who reports and writes about this world and its members. Mr. Gadgil has described his experiences with various famous and renowned names of the Marathi as well as Hindi film world.
You can read and live his experiences through his words …just buy this one and enjoy - http://bookhungama.com/zagamagatya-duniyet/

2. Manatle Chandane By V.G.Kanetkar
The art of writing stories or short stories is beautiful and possessed by few, V.G Kanetkar is one of those few writers. His stories are woven out of some magical bonds and experiences and make us go through many levels of emotions. The stories in this amazing book depict the great art of writing in its true form thus resonating with the brilliant talent owned by V.G. Kanetkar.
Read these amazing stories here - http://bookhungama.com/manatale-chandane/

3. 1857 Che Swatantarya Yudha: Petalela Dakshin Hindustan By V.D.Divekar
The war of 1857 was one of the important chapters in the history of India, moreover Indian Independence. Many of our brave warriors who fought valiantly against the British Rule have been mentioned and discussed in this eBook. V.D.Divekar mentions many of the Freedom fighters who had to suffer rigorous imprisonment due to participating in 1857 movement.
To know more about these great warriors you can buy this Ebook here - http://bookhungama.com/south-india-in-1857-war-of-independence/
So wait no more and grab these amazing Marathi eBooks now!
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