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Posted few weeks ago

I was in a very bad way with my relationship, my girlfriend had just broken up with me after 5 years. It was a very confusing situation because we were seeing each other in secret; She was attached with a guy that she had been seeing for a long time but we met and fell in love which made the everything very complicated. When the guilt got too much for her she broke up with me. I understood why but I was so completely lost without her and I did not know what to do without her. I was down to practically no options, when I started thinking outside of the box. Honestly when I came across Chief Dr Fayemi on Facebook and many others like it I truly did not believe in it. But it was my last option so I spent the money and purchased a Break Them Up and Reunite Us spell. I was so nervous that it wasn't going to work I was on these Facebook every few days expressing my skepticism to one of the coven members Jennifer who , by the way was insanely supportive, and really was able to calm my nerves while I waited for the spell to manifest. I also talked a lot with Marcy who also reassured me that spells are a very powerful force when conducted by professionals who actually know what they were doing. While waiting for the spell to manifest I looked up everything that had to do with white magic, from history, to just doing Google searches and found that the most important part is sending out positive energy into the world and I did this by picturing the return of the girl I loved and dwelling on it, but not being sad about her leaving but being happy and hopeful of her return. About 3 weeks after I started dwelling on these images every day she got in contact with me letting me know that her feeling for me hadn't changed. She invited me out for a drink to see really if her feelings were the same and it turned out they were. About a week or so later she showed up at my house letting me know that she had broken it off with her significant other and that she wanted to be back with me. So now its just about a week later and although there is a lot to deal with and work through we are happy once again and hopeful about the future. The worst part I can tell you about my experience is the waiting, it takes a while for the spells to manifest but they will and it can be hard dealing with the nerves and the depression but you must dwell on the images of you and your partner being happy and reuniting, as long as you keep focusing on that it will all work out in the end.. Thank you so much sir




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