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Posted few weeks ago

One of the reason, you keep having dissapointment in marriage, rejection for a job, contracts or interview. You can't get pregnant or you keep having misscarages. You have been working but no promotion, You keep failing in business, you fail where others are succeding. People hate you for no good reason, your life is full of tear, sorrow, shame, hardship, frustration, lack, you always have this feeling of inadequecy, even when you have what it take to offer, no body wants to give you the chance. Hear me now! It is, as the result of spirit husband and spirit wife. Whenever you have sex in your dream, you must experience one or more of this. This spirit is called incubus and succubus

I Pray for you this minute,by the lighting thunder of Eledumare i disconnect you from that spiritual marriage, contact me today before its too late via +2349069124545 for more info




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