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For Doctors: How To Make Money Online
From: forum.facmedicine.com
1. Egyptian Doctor Moderator Verified Doctor
Mar 21, 2011
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1- Paid Surveys:
As a doctor your opinion is precious for medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare IT, medical devices and market research companies, if you have few minutes to answer online surveys they will be happy to pay you for that.
There are many websites that offer these services for doctors, Facmedicine is one of the best social networks for verified doctors that pays doctors for their insights, If you are a doctor you can join Facmedicine for free and earn money by answering online surveys on their website by registering here: https://forum.facmedicine.com/login , they will send you an E-mail when they have an available paid survey for you according to your country and specialty.
2- Telehealth:

If you started to hate your daily routine by going to the clinic or the hospital, this option will suit you as you can work from your home to provide telehealth consults to distant patients either through phone or internet, you can arrange the calls to be in your off hours too, there are many websites that offer this service too, if you are Arabic speaking doctor you can apply easily to work online with Altibbi telehealth website here: https://forum.facmedicine.com/jobs/jobs/altibbi-jobs-in-any-telemedicine-primary-physician-97
3- Review Insurance Claims:

You dont need to go anywhere, just use your computer or smart phone from anywhere and start reviewing insurance claims that has been flagged by the insurance company employees.
4- Medical Transcription:

A bit harder than other options but it is still a good option for young doctors, you already have very good experience with medical terminology and this is why you are the best one who can do this job, you dont need to go anywhere as you will get audio-files online and transcript it from your home.
5- Affiliate Marketing:

If you like marketing so this one will suit you, many websites offer commissions for people who can help them to sell their products, as a doctor you live in a community of many HCPs who can be interested in similar products, if you can sell for them these products you will be paid commission from the website.
Amazon is the most famous website that offers this service but you can find thousands of websites that offer it too.
6- Share Your Experience:

You have enough experience to write very interesting blogs or make interesting Youtube videos, you can give tips for the public, highlight mistakes they do, or share your own daily life with them.
Content is the king, if you are providing good content, certainly you will get thousands of visitors and subscribers and you will be paid good money from sponsors or Adsense.


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