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UI SELFI 2 & 3 2G /3G PHONE (West Delhi)

Posted few weeks ago

UI SELFI 2 & 3 2G /3G PHONE in West Delhi listed under Mobile - Mobile Phones UI SELFI 2 & 3 2G /3G PHONE in West DelhiUI SELFI 2 & 3 2G /3G PHONE in West Delhi
Ui SEFI 3 PHONE - ONLY Rs 1500
$..Model SELFI 3
$..7.1cm Display
$..Dual sim Card
$..Digital Camera
$..Front Camera with Flash
$..Auto call Record
$..Wireless FM
$..LED Torch
$..1800 mAh Battery
32GB External Memory Support
Ui SEFI 2 PHONE - ONLY Rs 1400
Model SELFI 2
2.4" (6.1 cm) Display
Dual sim Card
Digital Zoom
0.3 MP Front Camera
Wireless FM
Torch Light
1800 mAh Battery
32GB External Memory Support


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