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epanipuricart (Ranchi)

Posted few weeks ago

epanipuricart epanipuricart in Ranchiepanipuricart in Ranchiepanipuricart in Ranchi
E-Panipuri Cart!
Changing face of street food!
Connecting tradition with technology
Sooch nayi ...... swad wahi !!!
Visit a E-Panipuri cart to experience healthy Street food! Get a Franchise in your Area!

We provide what traditional vendors don’t care about:
● customisation - at the e-pani puri cart, you get your own - styled panipuris.
● variety - just come and grab a plate of ‘gapagup’ from the 7 different varieties, we give you.
● best taste - we will retain the same taste that you always enjoyed with the traditional vendors; however, this time, you will get more options on it.
● additional flavours - get ready to taste 7 different flavours of pani filled in your puris.
● standard proceedings - you will get to witness an organised system in preparation, serving and delivery.
● ingredients’ quality - what better do the ‘fresh bought ingredients’ preserved using anti - oxidants, speak about their quality.
● avoiding microbial effects - we, while working with a UV curated bacteria free system, keep hygiene under our prime focus.
● RO purified water in both, food preparation and drinking - the quality of water will no longer be an issue for you.
● automatic water dispensing system - this system allows you to get a desired amount of pani in the puri.
● unique serving method - you will be served our exclusive ‘gapagups’ to satisfy your appetite.
And most importantly, we don’t use plastic or thermo-col plates!
We give you a strong guarantee for all the services we provide. You can undoubtedly count on e-panipuri cart for everything, be it the taste, hygiene or quality!
Now, let’s have a peep through some of our most fresh methods.
What’s the story of automatic nozzles?
This is an innovative way of serving the panipuris with an absolute hygiene.
The already prepared 7 different flavoured pani are stored in containers and are connected to a pump which circulates pani through automatic nozzles. There are 7 separate nozzles for each variant. The nozzles are fitted with automatic sensors that detect the panipuris when taken near them. As such, they release a fixed amount of flavoured pani. Now since the nozzles have already been set with a definite quantity, there’s no chance of over filling. This, in turn, helps the customers to fill the puris with pani on their own.


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