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Generic chit fund software Collection Machine (Chennai)

Posted 3 days ago

Generic chit fund software Collection Machine in Chennai listed under Services - Computer / Web Services
Generic chit fund software collection machine can collect due amount from subscriber at home.
Collection machine companies (softland, balaji, visiontek) are available in market.
Collection machine are two types
Collection Machine wired model
This collection machine can import data from generic chit software
Collector using terminal machine collect the money from subscriber at any place
At the day end Collector submit the collection machine to chit company admin.
Chit company admin can upload the data to generic chit fund software database.
Subscriber Due’s after upload the data will be automatically updated.
This same process are happening daily.
2. Collection Machine wireless Model
Wireless Model Machine data upload and download work in not needed.
Collector can search the subscriber list name wise or phone wise. Searching result will appear in machine screen.
After that collector collect the due amount from subscriber. Collector after made the bill immediately cloud server update the subscriber Due amount.
Chit Company admin can view immediately collector collected amount using this wireless model machine.
Wireless model is the Best way to Collect amount form subscriber. because collector can not doing any malfunction against chit company.
For more details Contact US
9788037825, 8098129659
Website; http://chitfundsoftwares.in/
Chit Fund Software Demo Link: http://chitfundsoftwares.in/offline.html
Online Chit Fund Software Demo Link: http://chitfundsoftwares.in/online.html
Android Chit Fund Software Link: http://chitfundsoftwares.in/mobile.html
Screen Shot Demo Link:
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Generic chit fund software Features Link:
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