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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India (Rishikesh)

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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India in Rishikesh listed under Services - Healthcare / Fitness
Experience the ancient and profound art of healing and restoration with Yoga Teacher Training in India. Encapsulate the spiritual vibrations in the birthplace of Yoga and immerse yourself in a pool of tranquility. Yoga is a form of discipline that promotes the well-being of an individual using asanas, meditation, pranayama, and mantras. The spell-binding power of Yoga will reverberate your body, mind, and soul with purity and serenity. Eliminate the ailments and declutter your thoughts with Yoga.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India is the most advanced course available to study the ancient knowledge of Yoga and become a Certified Yoga Trainers. This 2-month course is a unique amalgamation of the 200 Hour and 300 Hour YTC. The course is Yoga Alliance certified and strictly follows the standards and guidelines of the organization.
RishikulYogshala proudly offers their Yoga Alliance certified courses in Yoga Schools in India, allowing the budding yogis to unlock the dimensions of yogic practices:
• 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
• 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
• 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Following are the topics covered under 500 Hour yoga teacher training program:
• Detailed study of the most traditional styles of Yoga; Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga
• Surya Namaskar and the various series of asanas
• Vinyasa workshops
• Study of ancient Yoga philosophy, pillars of Yoga and how that science is still valid in today’s world
• Importance of Pranayama, various deep breathing exercises and the fours Bandhas
• Brief study of the Human Anatomy and the various systems to understand the working of asanas
• Learn the correct ways to perform asanas and modify them as per individual requirements
• Study the different mantras and their importance in Mantra Yoga
• Importance of Mudra in Hatha Yoga asanas
• Meaning of YogaNidra and its implications
• Yogic purification of the body using Shat Kriya techniques
• Build an efficient learning bridge between the students and teachers, through Advanced teaching methodology classes
• Prepare Yogic meals in a mindful manner
The center offers the following facilities, apart from the course:
• Spacious rooms to unwind and relax after extensive training. The rooms provide astonishing views from the window that compliments the elegant wooden interiors. Each room comes equipped with a private bathroom, twin beds, comfortable mattresses, Internet connectivity, and a study area
• Balanced yogic meals are served thrice a day. The nutritious and delectable meals are prepared using organic and fresh produce to order to inculcate healing properties. The expert chefs curate the dishes with love in a mindful manner. Herbal drinks and tea are served for rejuvenation purposes. Vegan food is also available on special request
• Airport pick and drops
• Excursions and trips to places of interest
About RishikulYogshala:
RishikulYogshala is a prominent name for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh courses and Yoga Retreats. With more than 10 years of experience, we offer the Best yoga teacher training in India, Nepal and many more countries. We aim at spreading the profound knowledge of Yoga in its purest form, in order to uplift the lifestyle of the current generation and promote overall well-being.
Visit more Information: https://www.rishikulyogshala.org/500-hour-yoga-teacher-training-rishikesh.html


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