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District Sales Manager (Koraput)

Posted 5 days ago

• To appoint Block Sales Manager in all their blocks coming under their District.
• To create a Super Distributor in his district headquarter.
• To manage Sales operations in assigned district to achieve revenue goals.
• To supervise sales team members on daily basis and provide guidance whenever needed.
• To identify skill gaps and conduct trainings to sales team.
• To work with team to implement new sales techniques to obtain profits.
• To assist in employee recruitment, promotion, retention and termination activities.
• To conduct employee performance evaluation and provide feedback for improvements.
• To contact potential customers and identify new business opportunities.
• To stay abreast with customer needs, market trends and competitors.
• To maintain clear and complete sales reports for management review.
• To build strong relationships with customers for business growth.
• To analyze sales performances and recommend improvements.
• To ensure that sales team follows company policies and procedures at all times.
• To develop promotional programs to increase sales and revenue.
• To plan and coordinate sales activities for assigned projects.
• To provide outstanding services and ensure customer satisfaction.


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