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Yoga Retreats in Nepal (Pokhara)

Posted 6 days ago

Yoga Retreats in Nepal in Pokhara listed under Services - Healthcare / Fitness
Nepal is a spectacular land of heterogeneous beautiful destinations, where one can witness the alluring beauty of nature from a closer perspective. Be a part of Yoga holidays in Nepal to get lost amidst the snow-laden mountains, pristine beaches, astounding waterfalls, rugged trekking trails, and magnificent valleys. Yogatrainingnepal is an amazing platform for the Yoga lovers which enlist the hand-picked Yoga programs and Yoga Retreats in Nepal based on the quality of services and curriculums they provide.
About more information us:
Highlights of the Retreats
• Fundamental introduction of the ecstatic and holy culture of Yoga and Ayurveda
• Dissemination of basic ideas of the different ways to live a happy and peaceful life
• Dive into the ancient philosophy and its practical implications
• Daily practicing of important Yoga Asanas, meditation, pranayama
• Complete elaboration of the primary series of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga
• Practicing of Shat Kriyas and Yoga Nidra
• Meditation and Yoga – 2 times a day
• Establishing a deep a hue connection with nature
• Resurrection of the energy level, performing of Yoga Cleaning techniques
• Ayurveda massage to revitalize your body strength
• Consumption of healthy, appetizing and nutritious meals thrice a day
• For balancing the doshas, practicing of Ayurveda Therapy
• Different Yoga Therapy for spinal problems and gland movements
• Learning of the ways to cook Yogic meal
• Consultation sessions with Yogis and Ayurvedantists
• Wellness activities like trekking or hiking to nearby spots
• Pick and drop facility to the airport (extra charges may apply)
• Serving of sumptuous, nutritious and Sattvic Bhojan thrice a day
• Meals are prepared with the help of certified and renowned chefs
• Tea, coffee and herbal tea is available
• Tranquil and peaceful environment
• Basic amenities :
• Private or twin sharing room facility
• 24 hours free Wi-Fi
• Furnished and clean rooms
• Attached washrooms
• Garden area
• Separate balconies
• Living Area
• Fans and lights
• Running hot and cold water
Check out other Yoga Retreats in Nepal
There are several retreats which aim at rejuvenating your spiritual health so that it positively impacts your physical and mental health.
• Ayurvedic
• Health
• Weight loss
• Meditation
• Mindfulness
• Healing
• Silent
• Spiritual
• Wellness and
• Fitness Retreats
Popular Retreats in Nepal
• 8 days Yoga Retreats in Kathmandu, Nepal
• 8 days Ayurveda Balance and Yoga Retreat at Kathmandu Nepal
• 7 days Ultimate Detox Program Retreat at Pokhara Nepal
• 8 days Spiritual Yoga Retreat for self-realization
Established by Yoga lovers, and nature fanatics, Yogatrainingnepal enlists amazing yoga programs and different Yoga retreats across Nepal. The idea is to ensure that you indulge yourself into productive Yoga Programs so that you learn about its holy, authentic culture. You can book your programs and retreats which you find appropriate at yogatraininnepal without any obstacle.


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