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adobe cq5 training in ameerpet (Hyderabad)

Posted few weeks ago

adobe cq5 training in ameerpet
1. Introduction and Installation
2. Accessing the CRX repository
3. Accessing the Apache Felix Web Management Console
4. Using CRXDE Lite
5. Usage of different consoles
6. Creating Templates, Page components and scripts.
7. Creating Dialog and Design dialog
8. Uploading ADOBE CQ5 Assets to DAM and Usage of DAM
9. Creating a Web site based on the template
10. Modularizing components and their reuse
11. WCM content management tools - Sidekick.
12. Creating Designs and using CSS files
13. Creating components to display a customizable page title, logo, breadcrumb and configurable paragraph.
14. Creating a Complex component
15. Introducing internationalization.
16. Creating and downloading a CQ package for distribution
17. Creating and consuming an OSGi bundle.
18. Replication and configuring publish instance
19. Workflow creation and using existing workflow
20. Creating Groups, Users and assinging ACL permissions
21. Creating Live Copy
22. Handling Real time projects




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