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Steam Generation Systems (Ghaziabad)

Posted few weeks ago

Steam Generation Systems
A steam generation is process, in which there is generation of steam with the help of boiling water through combustion of fuels. In present scenario, steam plays important role in industrial revolution. Steam is mixture of both liquid and gas. Steam plays vital role in power generation system.
Process of Steam Generation
For generation of steam, we need required system as in below sketch .In below sketch, there is feeding of fuel like rice husk, baggese, coal etc., to the furnace for burning of fuel.
When flue gases rise up and they are passing through tubes which are installed in boiler, when the temperature of fire tubes increases, water will be boiling which results in to steam formation. The steam is collected through above surface of boiler.
The flue gases inside the boiler are transfer through the Air Pre-Heater. In APH, there is increment in temperature of air and send to the furnace for the combustion of fuel. APH is connected Forced Draft Fan, FD Fan provides the atmosphere Pressurized air to the APH. From APH, the flue gas is transferred to Multi Dust Collector, It settles down the all dust at its bottom, and passes the flue gas to the heat ex-changer.
Heat Ex-changer reduces the temperature of flue gas and passed the normal temperature of flue gas to Induced Fan. Induced Fan sucks the flue gas and transferred to the chimney. And chimney leaves the flues gas to the height of atmosphere.
Calculation of Boiler Efficiency
The boiler efficiency is termed as how much boiler produces steam at per hour.
Boiler Efficiency=(Heat Released by Fluid /Heat generated by Fuel) X 100
Application of Steam in industry :-
Steam is used in steam engines.
Steam used in propulsion of rocket.
Steam is used Tyre Manufacturing
Steam is used in oil and gas industries.




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