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Keshpurti Plus Hair Oil (120 ml) ()

Posted few weeks ago

Keshpurti Plus Hair Oil (120 ml) Keshpurti Plus Hair Oil (120 ml) in
Keshpurti Plus Hair Oil - Herbal Solution for Healthy and Strong Hair..
All of us know when hair roots are healthy, radiant and shiny hair should come from the scalp with ample volume. But schedule , constant exposure to sunlight , Polluted environment and lack of nutrition are some of the major causes for hair problems. Nirmal Keshpurti plus hair oil is the best herbal hair tonic which fulfills all healthy hair requirements and controls hair problems. Massaging Nirmal Keshpurti plus hair oil twic a week into your head stimulates blood circulation which is helpful to reach nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles. Neem and neel patra clears away flakes from your scalp and jatamansi opens pores to encourage production of natural scalp oil. Also vitamin C of Amla provides nutrition to hairs for long and strong hairs. Exclusive process of Aloe vera , Bhringraj and jaswandi makes Nirmal Keshpurti Plus hair oil a complete natural hair conditioner. Nagarmotha in this oil contains pinenes and cineole improves scalp disorders and controls hair fall as well.
Nirmal Keshpurti Plus hair oil has this unique tested and proven ayurvedic herbal formulation is helpful to treat all hair problems effectively.
Health from the roots, experience the rejuvenating hair oil that improves blood circulation, stimulates Healthier hair growth and prevents premature graying, hair fall and dandruff
Applied at night, it also gives you a sound restful sleep.



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