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NodeJS Online Training | Narersh IT in HYD - INDIA

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NodeJS Online Training | Narersh IT  in  listed under Education - Training Centers
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About NodeJS

NodeJS is a very powerful platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript. It is an open source and supports different platform. It helps in developing Web Server Application. It is an event-driven server side.

This runs using the V8 engine developed by Google. It helps in building HTTP server. This interacts with database also. It is used for easily building, fast and scalable network applications.Signup and attend NodeJS Online Training classes by experts

Course Objectives

What are the Course Objectives?

Design NodeJS framework.
Learn asynchronous programming.
Build HTTP server with node.js using HTTP APIs.
Understand file system in Node.Js
Learn how to express node.js contacts with MongoDB.
Build a Chat application.
Understand developing the Web application

Training Features

Instructor-Led Training Sessions
Expert Trainers
Flexible Schedule
Industry Specific Scenarios
e-Learning Sessions

For Online Training
+91 8179191999
+91 8179191999
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