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sereinbooks in Miami - INDIA

Posted few weeks ago

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Due to the different spectral characteristics of different lighting conditions, the photos taken often have a color cast, for example, it will be blue under fluorescent lamps and yellow under incandescent lamps. In order to eliminate or reduce this color cast, the digital camera can adjust the color settings according to different light conditions, so that the color of the photo is not distorted as much as possible. Because this adjustment is often based on white, it is called white balance. Under complex light and strong contrast and high contrast environment, it is sometimes difficult to take care of the full range by using automatic exposure or shutter, aperture priority mode, unable to highlight the subject, and achieve the desired effect. At this time, the photographer needs to manually respond to the equipment. The exposure parameter adjustment, this is exposure compensation, also known as ±EV. For beginners, exposure compensation is generally used in still life and scenery shooting occasions. This occasion is suitable for calmly adjusting parameters and taking multiple photos with different compensation schemes for selection. However, in a picture with great contrast, it is difficult to take full care of the exposure compensation, and it is easy to lose sight of the other.