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Bangari Rawats Holding A Grand Devi Bhagwad in Uttarakhand (Mumbai)

Posted few weeks ago

Bangari Rawats Holding A Grand Devi Bhagwad in Uttarakhand
A Devi Bhagwad is proposed to be organized on 6th June to 13th June 2016 by the descendents and all other devotees of Vaishnavi Mata Hariyali Devi. The Devi Bhagwat will be held to celebrate the 100 years of Shri Mundeshwar Mahadev Temple’s existence at Patti Bacchansyun, Rudraprayag, Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

The work for constructing assembly hall and renovating Shri Mundeshwar Mahadev Temple is currently being done at the cost of Rs. 18 lakhs by the Archeology and Tourism Department of Uttarakhand and its work is going on at a fast pace. The work got started on October 2015 and is expected to get completed in April 2016.

Keeping in view the 100 years of this temple’s existence, a grand Devi Bhagwad is going to be organized by the devotees and descendents ((Bangari Rawats) of Vaishnavi Mata Hariyali Devi) on 6th and 13th June 2016 at Shri Mundeshwar Mahadev temple’s premises. The Devi has herself desired to visit the place and bless her followers on this holy occasion. So you too along with your family members, friends and others can receive her blessings by participating in this event.

At the place where Shri Mundeshwar Mahadev Temple is situated, weekly programs of Ram Katha and Shiv Purana were held in April 2011 and June 2013 respectively under the leadership of Mahatma Krishan Das, the temple priest. Local residents along with mandir samitis of Dhari Devi and Kedarnath Dham of Rudraprayag District also gave their full support for these programs.

Around 60 years ago, Yoginis Gyangiri and Rupagiri also conducted a weekly Srimad Bhagwad Katha at this auspicious place. Local people also provided their full support for it. As organizing such programs requires a lot of money along with materials and men, we request each one of you, descendents and devotees of Vaishnavi Mata Hariyali Devi in particular to contribute financially, mentally and physically for this event. With your full and active support, we can make this occasion a grand success.

You should be quite careful about this thing while participating in such a religious occasion. Eating Tamsik food items like onion, garlic, ginger, eggs, wine, meat, etc. and participation in Sutak in the family or area is strictly prohibited (not allowed) at least during and one week before the start of the program.

We appeal to you again to participate in this proposed occasion and contribute for it in every possible way for making it a success. We value your efforts, cooperation and support in this regard. We also request you to propagate and highlight this occasion among your near and dear ones.

This information is presented by Mahatma Krishan Das, priest of Shri Mundeshwar Mahadev temple and Dr. P.S. Rawat, a resident of village Syuni-Sandhar, post - Gaharkhal Bachhansyun, District Rudraprayag, Garhwal, Uttarakhand. We request you to get in touch with us for obtaining any further information in this regard.

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