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What will be your earning at gigolo market in India? in Ahmedabad - INDIA

38 (Y:2022)
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Posted few weeks ago

The gigolo service enhances a path to a lot of money quickly and if you are interested then you can start your career as a gigolo boy but before that you need to know some important things behind gigolo job.
what is gigolo?
Gigolo meaning, “A man who is paid by a woman to have sex with her or spend time with her”. It's not just about money or sex for the guy who wants to be a gigolo. A experience gigolo is examine by following: -
Can he be able to satisfy a woman mentally?
Can he spend quality time with the woman, so that she wants him again and again and pay him accordingly.
And most important: - Can he spread a smile on a woman face so that she should forget all her worries.
Looking for Gigolo jobs in India?
Are you looking for part time jobs in India? Can you become a gigolo? If yes, shake hands with an active gigolo club and start earning about 25k to 35 k per month. We do have openings for gigolo service vacancies in India.
All you need in Register yourself with us. Once we get your details, it takes about some day before you start getting service calls from our female clients.
How can women find gigolo in India?
Women have different way to pick a gigolo from. They can pick the gigolo boy either from a club or contacting through some agency and calling him to a particular location or a hotel. They get picked up by the high-profile women who drive luxury cars.
The Indian gigolo can be identified easily with their dressing sense in various famous locations. They put a red scarf around their neck so that women can easily identify and pick them.
Now you must be thinking "What is the need for men to do this kind of thing?"
The majority of men who enter the Gigolo market to get picked up by women are the students who came for their studies and men aged between 20-28s. It was observed that some males become prostitutes to fulfil their financial needs, or for their sexual needs or lust.
They may also enter the business for arranging money for drugs or any financial issue. Some of the males also find the idea of getting laid while getting paid is interesting.


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