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To become a Gigolo, follow these steps in Bangalore - INDIA

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Posted few weeks ago

If a boy wants to join the gigolo, there are certain qualifications and eligibility that must be met. To do this job, there are not great many other or more difficult criteria. To work as a gigolo escort, you've got to follow the essential steps. To get more clients, here are some important criteria for the gigolo boy job you should apply for online.
The candidate should be able to speak a local language or know Hind and English.
In order to join the Indian escort service, the candidate must behave properly.
The candidate shall keep the dress uniform in accordance with his clients' requirements.
Hygiene and cleanliness must be ensured by the male escort.
There are no sexually transmitted diseases in the male population.
The boys should not be addicted to any type of drugs or alcohol.


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