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Mumbai male escort joins now!!! in Mumbai - INDIA

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Posted 4 days ago

Join now and get the experience….!!!!

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Male escort are required immediately for our company. Those who are interested can join us from all over India. We provide services in more than 15 cities over India, So contact us and join India’s largest call boy company.

Process for joining:
Step 1- Search our website for a male escort job in Mumbai.
Step 2- Our team contacts you and fills out the registration form within working hours.
Step 3- After completing the process our team reaches you to share the client details.
Step 4- confirm the calls and get an amount from the client.

Why Join Us:
1. We offer you a suitable amount for your starting.
2. We are very much concerned about the privacy of the male escort and the client.
3. We are not attending to unidentified clients.
4. We are not attending to any clients who affected by STD
5. We are giving exciting offers.

1. Candidate should know HINDI or ENGLISH and the native language.
2. Candidate should be well-behaved and decent in physical appearance.
3. The candidate must obey the client's rules.
4. Candidates should be familiar with and know about fantasies and satisfaction.
5. Candidate must not be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

You get 15000 – 30000 per meeting for the whole day. 5600 – 10000 for half-day service. It's all about 3 to 4 hrs in a half day. You can give services in your suitable day time or night time.

Working time: You will get 10 to 15 clients in a month.

Working spot: You can attend the clients' suitable place.


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