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VoIP Provider.. VoIP Service... VoIP Calling... (Kolkata)

Posted few weeks ago

VoIP Provider.. VoIP Service... VoIP Calling...
DA international communication private limited provide high quality termination for international voice traffic. We are interconnected with the world’s most reliable data and voice operators, providing cost efficient solutions to our clients. We offer our services to small medium & high class center - Our top destination includes United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and Rest of the world. Our services can be availed by wholesale as well as retail. We provide VoIP service at a competitive rate. We encourage all type center to part with us to meet their wholesale voice traffic needs. Whole sale A to Z termination We offer. We consistently monitor the traffic on our network to ensure that connected VoIP carriers, are being offered the highest quality at lowest cost.

Services Includes: Providing high quality, reliable, wholesale A-Z termination. Premium and Standard routes. 24/7 support from our Professional NOC . Popular voice compression options to optimize bandwidth consumption. Accurate billing, weekly reports and notifications. Easy Payment Options.



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