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The Problem of Perception - Indian Agriculture

| Wednesday, 01 April 2020, 01:00
| India

Fact: with just 2.06%, India carries the lowest percentage of samples with Pesticide Residues detected above MRL values in the World.

| Representational Photo, Credit: theindiaforum.in
"Indian agriculture is the most misunderstood sector. There are three major sectors driving the Indian economy or any economy worldwide, that is: Services sector, Manufacturing sector, and Agriculture sector.

Globally, India is ranked number 11 in the Service sector, number 3 in the Manufacturing sector and you will be amazed, India is number 2 in Agriculture. How many Indians do know this?" - Sh. S. Ganesan, Advisor, Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI).

India is a country of over a billion people, a young nation with the oldest culture and civilization. Progressing to establish its remarkable place in the world. India's growth story has changed its perception in the world, now as a land of skilled professionals and global entrepreneurs. While the growth of the Indian economy is an attraction to many companies across the globe, what goes unnoticed is the efforts of the Indian farmers where the industry is keeping pace with its ever increasing population and ensuring food security to the nation.

Dr. K.K. Sharma at All India Network Project and Pesticide Residues, said "It has been projected and reported that a very high level of pesticide residue in so many food commodities in the media. In 2005 and 2006 the Ministry / Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, started the monitoring of pesticide residue at national level and we have the network of 21 laboratories across the country. We have detected only 4 to 5% samples with the pesticide residue, and about 2 to 3% samples exceeding the maximum residue limit. The similar pattern has been absorbed by the other advanced countries, for example European Union, UK, US, FDA and Australia. It is not an alarming position, I can say".





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