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The Most Developed Industries in India
17 Apr 21 
India is without a question one of the global economic leaders of the modern world. In the past couple of years, it has developed various sectors that have catapulted the country to the top. Naturally, some sectors are more developed than others, but that doesn't mean that the less developed ones aren't getting any attention. In that regard, here are some of the most developed industries in India:
UK government says "Don't Book Summer Holidays"
10 Feb 21 
This is the message from the prime minister with a warning it's too soon to see the vaccine's effectiveness. The UK reported another 13,000 new cases, and 411,812 people received their first dose of the Covid vaccine yesterday. That's more than 13 million people, who have now received their first vaccine to fight Coronavirus.
Post Pandemic: Democracy will be tested. (The World in 2021)
10 Jan 21 
So, behind the headlines what are the other moments you should be watching out for in the year ahead?
Post Pandemic: A chance to turn a corner on Climate change. (The World in 2021)
05 Jan 21 
It looks like that 2021 will be the boldest year ever for tackling climate change.
Post Pandemic: The Electric Revolution. (The World in 2021)
01 Jan 21 
From the launch of an asteroid-smashing spaceship to the event that could help the world turn a corner on climate change. Here’s a story set to shape the post-covid world.
Research and Development - Indian Agriculture
10 May 20 
Today many CCFI member companies are producing world-class agro-chemicals at very affordable rates compared to multinationals.
Is Organic Farming a Solution? - Indian Agriculture
01 May 20 
Do you know, What percentage of Agriculture Land in the World is under Organic Farming?
Seeing is Believing - Indian Agriculture
19 Apr 20 
The Green Revolution - Indian Agriculture
10 Apr 20 
This is where the Crop Care Federation of India or CCFI a premier organization of agro chemical companies with a combined turnover of over Thirty Thousand Crore Rupees comes to the aid of indigent farmers.
The Problem of Perception - Indian Agriculture
01 Apr 20 
Fact: with just 2.06%, India carries the lowest percentage of samples with Pesticide Residues detected above MRL values in the World.