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Seeing is Believing - Indian Agriculture

| Sunday, 19 April 2020, 16:26
| India

| Representational Photo, Credit: newsintervention.com
The demonstrations are amongst the most effective modes for convincing farmers about the benefits of new tools and techniques. Like in Madhya Pradesh with an aim to increase SoyBean productivity to international standards, Danika Agrotech Limited has undertaken field demonstrations in six districts of the state. The results were there for everyone to see.

Vapi, the industrial town of Gujarat, has become immensely popular among the farmers across the country b'cos of the 125 Acre Nahuli Demonstration Farm for motivation, being run by UPL. The validated field trials and cultivation techniques that this firm has brought such fantastic results to the farmers that it is now popularly known as the Vapi Technology among the farming community.

A unique initiative in rural Maharashtra is fast changing this very perception among the new generation of farmers. The Future Agriculture Leaders of India or the FALI initiatives supported by UPR limited educates young school children on the latest and more profitable ways of doing agriculture. Many CCFI members (Crop Care Federation of India) are running round the year dedicated telephone helpline centers for farmers from across the country. Manned by experienced Agri scientists the staff is also well versed with local languages, providing free expert advice in a medium that is accessible, interactive and most importantly easily understood by the farmers.

"This was established in the year 2000, leaving a solution for pests diseases and nutritional problems and we extended our service to more than 12 lakh farmers till date." - Sh. D.V. Ramanna Rao, Krishak Sahaya Vani, Hyderabad.

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There are 100's of other known/unknown organizations along with Government departments working to provide adequate help to farmers to increase their produce. This number has increased in 10 folds in this pandemic period and opens the new channel of online help using various methods of technology.





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