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The Green Revolution - Indian Agriculture

| Friday, 10 April 2020, 15:53
| India

This is where the Crop Care Federation of India or CCFI a premier organization of agro chemical companies with a combined turnover of over Thirty Thousand Crore Rupees comes to the aid of indigent farmers.

| Representational Photo, Credit: thewire.in
The Green Revolution of the 1960's notwithstanding today, as much as 30 percent of the crop is lost due to pests, weeds and diseases. This according to estimates totals to a loss of around 3 Lakh Crore Rupees each year. The lesson learnt during the course of this diagnosys was simple: "It is as important to save the crop as to grow".

Mr. R.D. Shroff, Chairman at Crop Care Federation of India, said "We strongly believe that the Agro Chemical Industry can play a very important role in helping farmers, Crop Care Federation of India, our members, they are working with farmers. We notice that they may not be qualified, but they are eager to learn, they learn fast, they implement fast, and wherever we have seen the yields of the crop, it has grown up very high".

The CCFI with its membership base of over 50 companies has been undertaking Agree-Extension services in various parts of the country. So as to help the small and marginal farmers increase their crop yields through care and conservation. The foremost task has been to educate farmers on the judicious use of Agro-Chemicals.

"As a responsible corporate, we wanted to promote safety among farmers, we wanted to ensure that whatever money a farmer is spending on inputs, they should have the best utilization of it, and make best benefit out of it. As a part of this we have collaborated with NIPHM (National Institute of Plant Health Management, Hyderabad). We have developed the content for this training program and with the collaboration of NIPHM we have trained master trainers. In 2014-2015 we trained 10000 farmers and spray-man." - Sh. G. Veerbhadram, Vice President at Coromondal International.

The engagement of the CCFI members is not limited to just proper spraying methods, they cover all the aspects of a cropping cycle. A CCFI member Hyderabad Chemicals, provides free soil testing prior to the sowing period in neighboring Telangana to more than 30,000 farmers across 500 villages every year. The results are explained individually to farmers and village mates, along with specific recommendations to improve the soil health.





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