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Post Pandemic: The Electric Revolution. (The World in 2021)

| Friday, 01 January 2021, 10:50
| World

From the launch of an asteroid-smashing spaceship to the event that could help the world turn a corner on climate change. Here's a story set to shape the post-covid world.

Electric Vehicle
| Representational Photo, Credit: https://retrofitmagazine.com
In 2020 one story has consumed everything, but in 2021, the world will start looking to life beyond the pandemic.

2021 will be a tipping point for electric cars as more manufacturers roll out their electric range. Suddenly, there is going to be a huge array of electric vehicles for people to choose from.

In the autumn the gas-guzzling SUV brand of General Motors, Hummer, will start production on all-electrics cars and at the end of the year, Elon Musk's Tesla will launch its futuristic-looking Cybertruck.

Simon Wright an Industry Editor said "The Cybertruck may not be to everyone's taste, that's significant because the American market the real profits there are to be made on pick-ups. So Tesla have come out with their own version of the Cybertruck pick-up. The electric Hummer is trying to tap into that market, it's America's biggest and most profitable market".

Investment in the electric revolution has surged, over 250 firms are currently manufacturing electric vehicles and 47 battery factories are under construction. Tesla, the market leader has seen its share price surge.

It's now so valuable, it's been added to the S&P 500 America's main stock market index putting it in the same bracket as companies like Apple and Microsoft. Simon Wright also said "Tesla is a remarkable story no car company has gone from nothing to where Tesla is in such a rapid period of time. So you have to take your hat off to Elon Musk for doing that".

Tesla's success convinced established carmakers, that there was a market for electric cars. The car company that has made the biggest bet on the future is Volkswagen, which has invested huge sums, but all car companies are introducing electric models. Every week you hear about a new plan to electrify an old model or bring out a new model from various car companies. So it really is picking up the pace.

Although all car sales dropped in 2020, in 2021 they are expected to pick up again and sales of battery-powered vehicles are projected to grow rapidly over the next decade. 2021 is just the start if more governments commit to future bans on the sale of petrol and diesel cars the growth in the electric-vehicle sector could accelerate even more.





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