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Covid-19 Second Wave: Vaccine is India's biggest hope

| Wednesday, 02 June 2021, 14:43
| World, Asia, India

The Indian Government has revoked all the vaccine export deals, re-considering the international promises.

Coronavirus, Vaccine
| Representational Photo, Credit: tribuneindia.com
A woman from a family running a large private hospital in Delhi told, "Public health experts will tell you that there is no practical way to strengthen the already demolished public health system in just a few months."

"The best and effective option to deal with Covid was to get people vaccinated as soon as possible so that most do not require a hospital and the hospitals are not overburdened."

Dr. Lahariya says, "Initially India wanted to vaccinate 300 million people by July 2021, but it seems that the government did not adequately plan vaccine arrangements to carry out the vaccination campaign."

He says, "The biggest problem is that without fixing the vaccine supply, the government has started a vaccination campaign for all adults."

Out of the country's 140 crore population, so far only 26 million people have been given both doses of vaccine, while about 12.5 crore people have been given one dose. Crores of vaccine doses have been ordered in India, but this is much less than its demand.

The central government requires 61.5 crore doses for vaccination of all 44 crore people above 45 years of age. At the same time, 120 crore doses are needed for 62.2 crore people between 18 and 44 years.

The government has also included other companies such as Biological e and the government body Hafken Institute to make the vaccine. It has also given financial assistance of $ 61 million to Serum Institute of India to increase production. The company manufactures the Covishield vaccine of Oxford-AstraZeneca.

According to Dr. Lahariya, all these things should act as an alarm for both the central and state governments. They will have to invest a lot in the health sector, as this will not be the last pandemic.

He says, "A future pandemic may come before any model is anticipated."





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