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Research and Development - Indian Agriculture

| Sunday, 10 May 2020, 19:14
| India

Today many CCFI member companies are producing world-class agro-chemicals at very affordable rates compared to multinationals.

| Representational Photo, Credit: financialexpress.com
Lot of new molecules have been discovered and products are coming in the world, the companies took that initiative of developing these technologies in India, some of these have developed this technology by reverse engineering and made them available to the Indian farmer, so that they could take it to every farmer of the country. It is believed that Indian companies avoid the basic research in doing more formulation, and are doing a lot of meat products.

"This is one of its kind initiatives; what Insecticides India has taken in the field of basic research. We collaborated with the Japanese company and in association with this company we have formed a JV with the main aim to discover the new molecules in India. The advantage; because these products are going to develop in the Indian environment, taking care of the interest of Indian farmers, and there is no royalty which is going to go outside of India. This means that the new generation molecule will be available to the Indian farmer at a very cheap price" - Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director at Insecticides India Limited.

The exports of these made in India agro-chemicals to various parts of the world are earning valuable foreign exchange to the turnover of 2 billion US Dollars or 13,000 Crore Rupees to the country each year.

Despite the efforts of the industry, the media has been at the level of a persistent and persuasive propaganda against agrochemicals, that it forced CCFI members to proactively fight back and expose the racket.

"This sort of false propaganda is going on for a long time, but industry knows, the scientific community knows that there is nothing wrong, but when things are getting worse, we realize it is high time that we go deep into it. We started investigating, we put a big team to expose such propaganda" - Mr. R.D. Shroff, Chairman at Crop Care Federation of India.

Sh. S. Ganesan, Advisor, CCFI said, "The total area of Delhi is 1.42 lakh hectares, now occurring to Government's own records, out of this one point four two lakh hectares over 1 lakh hectares under organic agriculture. Now where do you find in Urban Delhi even a single hectare of Organic Agriculture. 2 years old Government data also showed that Government was granting 10,000 Rupees Subsidy to per hectare for Organic Farm. So in the name of Organic Agriculture we suspect huge firms are getting siphoned out".

Mr. R.D. Shroff also said "Even state governments like Tamil Nadu government are full of appreciation for what we have done for Tamilnadu farmers, we have exposed the false propaganda that Tamil Nadu farmers are growing vegetables which are full of pesticides. Now it has been proved and even the Kerala Agriculture University admitted that it was their mistake and Tamilnadu vegetables are without any pesticide at all".

Agri-extension workers typically comprising rural youth play a critical role in not only taking the latest agri-inputs and services to the individual farmer, but also provide crucial feedback from the field. CCFI members employ approximately 1 lakh Agra extension workers across rural India.

In-lined with the Prime Minister's Skilled India initiative, CCFI members have been training rural youth in Agra-extension activities to improve their skill sets leading to better employability in the agrochemical industry.

From the Cotton fields of Andhra Pradesh, to the Grape Vineyards of Maharashtra, and from the Golden harvest in Punjab, to the vast Tea plantations of Assam and West Bengal; CCFI has been an inseparable part in curbing crop losses and increasing productivity instead of falling prey to misleading propaganda the need of the hour is to educate the farmer in latest and scientific ways of cultivation and crop protection.

It is high time we shift our focus from sponsored activism to actual action, from myth to reality, let us not belittle the efforts or doubt the intelligence of the Indian farmer rather let us strengthen his hands and clear his fears to propel the nation towards its second Green Revolution.





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