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Covid-19 Second Wave: That fateful night, oxygen runs out, staff missing and patients died

| Wednesday, 02 June 2021, 15:15
| World, Asia, India

At the end of last month, there was news from Kriti Hospital in Gurugram adjacent to Delhi that six people have died due to lack of oxygen there.

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| Representational Photo, Credit: nyoooz.com
Along with this came some painful viral videos and photos in which some people are seen entering a closed room. Dead people appear on beds equipped with medical equipment.

A person's voice comes from behind, "Died. Died. All are lying like that." Not a single hospital staff is visible in the videos.

There are reports of deaths of patients due to corona epidemic due to continuous lack of oxygen in hospitals of the country.

In April, more than fifty people died due to lack of oxygen in different incidents in three hospitals in Delhi. In a hospital in Karnataka, 24 people died due to lack of oxygen.

Similar reports came from Meerut, Tirupati, Rewari, Gurugram, and many other areas. People are dying in homes, on the streets, lack of oxygen outside the hospital or lack of ICU beds in the hospital.

But this was hardly the first time in a hospital that the entire staff, including the doctor, had left the dead patients in the ICU.

Gurugram deputy commissioner Yash Garg told the private news channel that a judicial inquiry into the case has been ordered and the report is expected to come soon.

What happened at Kriti Hospital on the night of 30 April?

We talked to the relatives of the deceased, the head of the hospital and the administration and tried to know and understand the events of that night. Also, we shared videos of the night in which pictures of the corridors, rooms of the hospital were captured that night.

That night in the hospital, 76-year-old Geeta Sinha, 53-year-old Mohinder Singh Chawla, 49-year-old Vishal Jain and 61-year-old Shakuntala Devi died in the ICU. The remaining two dead people could not be ascertained.

What happened between 7.00 pm and 10.00 pm?

The families told us that at about seven thirty in the evening of April 30, they started to know from the staff that there was less supply of oxygen in the hospital.

All the families with whom we talked alleged that they did not know before that that there was a shortage of oxygen in the hospital.

On the other hand, the owner of the hospital, Dr Swati Singh Rathore, in a conversation with the private news channel, claimed that everyone was told about the lack of oxygen.

According to Dr. Rathore, she was trying for oxygen for the last two days, but no officer was giving her any answer.

Gurugram Police Deputy Commissioner Yash Garg says that he too did not know about the lack of oxygen in the hospital.

When the relatives, who had heard the news of many deaths due to lack of oxygen, realized that oxygen was also low in Kriti Hospital, then they started getting restless.





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