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Covid-19 Second Wave: Preparing to Fight Coronavirus

| Tuesday, 01 June 2021, 13:52
| World, India

Last year, the government formed several 'strong committees' to fight the coming wave of Corona. Therefore, experts are surprised about the lack of oxygen, beds and medicines.

Coronavirus, Covid
| Representational Photo, Credit: ohsonline.com
Former Maharashtra Health Secretary Mahesh Jagade said to a private news channel, "When the first wave came in the country, then they should have been prepared for the second wave considering it to be the worst." They had to decide to create a stock of medicines like oxygen and Remedisvir and then focus on increasing their manufacturing capacity for this.''

Officials say that enough oxygen is being made in the country to meet the surge in demand, but the real problem is its transportation. Experts are of the opinion that this problem should have been resolved long ago. But after the death of many patients due to lack of oxygen, the government is running special trains to carry oxygen from one state to another and the use of oxygen in industries has been stopped.

Dr. Lahariya explains about this, "As a result, desperate people are getting oxygen cylinders from the black market by spending thousands of rupees and standing in queues for hours to save the lives of their families." At the same time, people who are able to buy drugs like Remedacivir and Tocilizumab, are forced to pay heavily for it.

An official of a pharmaceutical company that makes Remedies Vir has said that its demand was completely exhausted in January and February. He said, "If the government had given any order in this, then we would have prepared a big stock of it, then there would be no shortage." According to him, production has increased, but this is much less than the demand.

He says, "We had already bought adequate amounts of drugs like Remedisvir and Tosilizumab. We have a good plan to deal with any possible increase of infection in the next several weeks. ''
On learning from the preparations for Kerala, former Maharashtra Health Secretary Jagade said that other states should have made similar preparations to deal with this disaster. He said, "Learning means that someone else has done it and you can do it now. However, it also means that it will take time."

However, time is running out to deal with the second wave of Corona, because the second wave is now spreading in those villages, which do not have the necessary facilities to deal with the surge in infection.





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